CTC Strength & Fitness

Private Training Facility

CTC Strength & Fitness is a private training facility located in Southport that specialises in personal training, group training, strongman, powerlifting and youth development. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. It will come!

Together we achieve our goals

At the unit you are coached through every session, you are helped by our coaches to get you the best possible results from your training. You are not just a number, we want every single member of the unit to progress and enjoy their training.

More about CTC Strength & Fitness

Our Training Clubs

Group Training

Group Training

Group training at The Unit involves up to 8 people training at a time. This Is not circuit training, this is a coached and programmed training plan. We focus on strength, fitness and conditioning.

Powerlifting & Strongman Training

Powerlifting & Strongman Training

We are big believers in strength, we coach you through the big three powerlifting lifts of squat, benchpress and deadlift. As well as powerlifting we also have our strongman Saturdays, in which we train the traditional strongman lifts of atlas stones, deadlift, yoke and more.

Spartan Youth Development

Spartan Youth Development

Strong kids are healthy kids, so we have the Spartan program. Kids can start from the age of 7 and are coached through the olympic lifts, plyometrics, fitness and core. A big focus is on building a good training attitude and developing the young athletes.

Why choose CTC?

Come for the training,
Stay for the people

Friendly Atmosphere

When you have amazing classes and challenging activites like we do, you can't help but make a few new friends along the way

Challenging & Fun Training

Our spacious indoor and outdoor training facilities allow us to use equipment that other gyms simple cant, and they are all super fun!

Tried & Tested Methods

We don't believe in fad training, boring endless cardio or chicken and broccoli diets. Training should be enjoyable, progressive and well coached.