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CTC Strength & Fitness is a private training facility located in Southport that specialises in personal training, group training, strongman, powerlifting and youth development. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. It will come!

In order to get the results you want, we focus on building consistency in your training, building knowledge in your nutrition and mindset and being part of a positive training environment.

Meet the Team

Mike Tobin

Owner & Trainer

Owner and head coach of CTC Strength and fitness , mike has a passion for coaching and helping people . Wether it is powerlifting , strongman or young athletes . Mike has been coaching for 10 years now and opened the unit in 2016

Favourite exercise
Squats and atlas stones
Least favourite exercise
What makes you want to train?
To be strong and as healthy as possible

Colette Hatley


I have been coaching at the unit now for over 3 years. I have always been interested and took part in plenty of sports, ju jitsu, Crossfit and fell running to name a few. I love coaching at the unit and training its awesome members.

Favourite exercise
Snatches and burpees
Least favourite exercise
What makes you want to train?
I train so I can still compete in the sports and activities I want to do, rather than always getting fit to play

Stuart Scott

Strongman Coach

I met mike when he was working at a commercial gym and I was training for the great north run, I saw he had started strongman training and asked if I could go with him. Since then I have been hooked and have competed in strongman competitions. The thing I like about strongman training is that no matter what level or experience you have you can still enjoy it and progress

Favourite exercise
Deadlift and truck pull
Least favourite exercise
What makes you want to train?
I still want to build my deadlift and compete so its all about putting the time and effort in.



My job is to help the unit run smoothly and let the coaches do what they do best, coach. I’m here to help and make sure the units members have the best possible training experience here.

Favourite exercise
Trap bar deadlift and prowler push
Least favourite exercise
Turkish get ups
What makes you want to train?
I want to be healthy and fit so I can play with my kids