Rocky and Fasted Cardio

Rocky and Fasted Cardio

Remember the training montage in Rocky? Balboa getting up at the crack of dawn to run miles and miles to the top of those famous steps in Philadelphia? Then cracking some raw eggs and necking them like that first pint on a night out.

I've had a few members ask about this recently. Also you may have seen this type of training on social media.

Now some people swear by it, others think that it leads to them losing muscle and size. Everyone is different. So could this type of training help or hinder you?

The basis of fasted cardio is to perform a power walk, jog, bike ride or swim etc without eating prior to exercise.

The thinking behind it is that if you don't ingest any calories before training you will burn more calories as fuel during training.

People often look to this type of training for quick weightloss. And yes it does work.

Here's why
  • You potentially put your body in a calorie deficit because you are using more calories than taking in.
  • You are moving more so your metabolism starts ramping up. That's why generally you get hungry more often. Your body wants fuel.
  • Don't ignore the feel good factor as well. When you train you generally feel better.

Obviously going for a 20 minute walk in the morning followed by 4000 calories throughout the day will not help the average person lose weight.

Try it and see if works for you. Early mornings maybe the only time you have to train for example. A 30-40 minute power walk could be a great stepping stone to weightloss and building a persons fitness up.

Now a lot of you train in the mornings so your metabolism will be firing throughout the day. Also rolling out of bed to get to a early class most of you will be throwing a glass of water and coffee down your neck. So most of you do fasted training by default.

So when you get home after your sessions make sure you get some protein and fats downs you ( eggs, avacado and toast is good breakfast ).

I hope this helps.

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