So What Is the Spartan Training Program?

So What Is the Spartan Training Program?

The Spartan program is a strength and conditioning group session for kids 7-15 years of age.

We train the kids and build them into athletes using;

  • Olympic style lifting
  • Bodyweight movements
  • Med ball and plyometrics skill work
  • Strongman style Movements
  • Sprints and conditioning

All sessions are programmed and coached to build strength, power, speed and agility.

Although the training is in a group environment we coach the individual. Every child will be lifting different weight etc, we coach and progress the young athlete from their level.

So if your child plays sports and wants to improve performance or if they just want to get stronger and fitter then we can help.

We run sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4 p.m.

If you and your child would like to know about how we do things at The Unit then we offer a taster session at the above times.

Here is your link to book.

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