The Benefits of Medicine Ball Training for Power

The Benefits of Medicine Ball Training for Power

The use of the medicine ball for power is not new but is sometimes overlooked in favour of the the Olympic lifts and variations there of.

Just so we're clear I'm not having a go at the Olympic lifts. I think they are great and include them in my own training. I've also had the pleasure of training with some great coaches , Jon Towell , Karl page and Michaela breeze to name some of them.

But due to the complex nature of the lifts they take time to learn. We see it in our weightlifting 101 sessions , people get very frustrated when they can't progress as fast with the clean and jerk as they have with say a Benchpress.

Medicine balls offer a simple alternative to build explosive movements.

We often use a medicine ball as part of our warm up. But a medicine ball circuit can also be used as part of a warm up before a running session , football training or as a recovery session.

Here's an example below.
  1. Medicine ball slam x 10.
  2. Medicine ball chest throw (throw the medicine ball into a wall) x 10.
  3. Medicine ball lateral throws (stand side on to a wall and throw) x 10e/s.

Complete 3 rounds.

I wouldn't use too heavy a medicine ball. The aim is to be explosive with the movements.

You could start with a 3-4 kg medicine ball and as you progress add weight but always be move as powerful as possible. Then as you progress with the lifts you can add some more weight.

Add some medicine ball drills into your warm up or as part of your finisher.

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